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Learn... Belong... Perform...

We are artistic education
We are performance excellence
We are proud sons of this New Land 

NEW LAND THEATRICALS is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that promotes through the performing arts the rich cultural diversity and inclusive spirit that define Hispanic Americans.

We aim to connect people through shared experiences and values. We create events and activities that bring diverse people together and provide opportunities for them to participate and feel a sense of belonging.

We provide education and training to young Hispanic American artists through workshops and rehearsals creating professional development opportunities for these emerging artists.

We develop top-class dance and music theater shows headlined by renowned artists in premium theaters, as culmination of our educational programs and activities.

We invite other organizations to leverage our shows as a platform to raise funds together by inspiring the public and sponsors with a message of cultural diversity, inclusion, and solidarity.

We are a platform to showcase and promote Hispanic American talent in the U.S. from different ages and levels, including children with special needs.
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Mezcla de culturas distintas, que da origen a una nueva*

(Mix of different cultures, which originates a new one)

* Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy

Educational programs and activities 

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culminating in a stunning gala show in a superb theater

for a memorable inclusive celebration with top headliners and emerging talent

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Our story

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It all began at Las Lizarraga Flamenco Academy in Venezuela where Carolina Lizarraga grew up dancing and later choreographing annual shows for the academy. Founded in the 70’s by her mother Lilian Lizarraga, the academy is still active and is a reference of education through art.

In the year 2000, Carolina and her husband Roque García began to work together in Venezuela in a theatrical project about what it means to be 'mestizo' and the treasure behind it. Their passion for dance, music and theater along with the eclecticism of their family heritage were the ingredients for ambitious conceptions full of fusion and… yes, some fascinating confusion, because that is what the 'mestizaje' is all about!

2005 marked a turning point as their first show “Venezuela Viva” (later expanded into "América Viva") had an unprecedented and significant impact in the largest arts festival in the world, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, achieving a position as one of the Top 10 Best-selling shows among more than 2,000 shows in 200 venues. The show was praised by The Scotsman as “probably the most exciting history lesson you'll ever experience” receiving 5 stars by the critics. That consolidated their vision for the project as both artistic and educational.

In the coming years, the show delighted audiences in Holland, Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, Argentina, Mexico, United States, England, Taiwan and Venezuela, totalizing more than 50,000 spectators in more than 200 performances directed by Carolina and co-produced by Roque. At the same time, impactful educational programs were executed benefiting thousands of students in Venezuela including the Central University of Venezuela and 30 public schools of 'Fe y Alegria'. Later in 2021, the opening song of the show was nominated for a Latin Grammy Award. 


In 2014, Carolina and Roque moved to New York for 5 years to consolidate their knowledge of the commercial theater industry, graduating from the CTI (Commercial Theater Institute) and building a valuable network both artistic and institutional. There, they worked closely with Broadway legends, multiple-Tony nominee and winners Graciela Daniele (Artistic Director) and Richard Frankel (Executive Producer).


In 2019 they relocated to Miami and refounded the project as NEW LAND THEATRICALS joining forces with businesswoman and philanthropist Ana Teresa Rodriguez to take it to new heights. ​Today, New Land Theatricals is based in Miami, the multicultural capital of the Americas, and after 20 years delighting audiences reaffirms its commitment to expand a universal message of cultural diversity, inclusion and solidarity through art and education.

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Ana Teresa Rodriguez
President - New Land Theatricals

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Learn... Belong... Perform...
The tagline explained

The tagline "Learn, Belong, Perform" succinctly encapsulates the core values and objectives of NEW LAND THEATRICALS:

1. **Learn**: This represents the educational aspect of the organization. "Learn" signifies the commitment to providing opportunities for learning and skill development, particularly for young Hispanic American artists. Through workshops, training sessions, and mentorship programs, participants have the chance to enhance their talents and acquire new skills in various aspects of the performing arts.

2. **Belong**: This emphasizes the importance of inclusivity and community within the organization. "Belong" conveys the message that everyone, regardless of background or ability, is welcome and valued within the NEW LAND THEATRICALS community. It reflects the organization's commitment to creating a supportive and welcoming environment where individuals feel accepted, respected, and connected to others who share their passion for the arts, and especially for their Hispanic American roots.

3. **Perform**: This signifies the ultimate goal of showcasing talent and artistic expression. "Perform" highlights the opportunity for participants to demonstrate their skills and creativity on stage through top-class dance and music theater shows. It symbolizes the culmination of the learning and belonging experienced within the organization, as participants have the chance to shine and share their artistry with audiences.

In summary, "Learn, Belong, Perform" serves as a concise and powerful statement of NEW LAND THEATRICALS' mission to provide educational opportunities, foster a sense of community and belonging, and offer platforms for artistic performance and expression.

Art & Philanthropy working together


As producers of the annual 'América Viva Gala Show' and its educational programs, we believe in the transformative power of the arts and its impact on us as empathetic individuals, empowering us with a sense of solidarity and the ability to collaborate and work collectively.


AMÉRICA VIVA ALLIANCE (AVA) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that unites other nonprofit organizations of different sizes and backgrounds to do fundraising together by leveraging on top-class artistic events depicting a message of cultural diversity, inclusion and solidarity.

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Arturo Uslar Pietri - Reflections about mestizaje
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by Arturo Uslar Pietri

Since the eighteenth century, at least, the dominant concern in the minds of Hispanic Americans has been that of self-identity. All those who have turned their gaze, with some care, to the panorama of these peoples have agreed, in some way, in pointing out this feature. Some has argued about an ontological anguish of the Creole, searching relentlessly for himself, between contradictory inheritances and dissimilar relationships, at times feeling exiled in his own land, at times acting as a conqueror of it, with a fluid notion that everything is possible and nothing is given in a definitive and proven way.

Successively and even simultaneously, many representative men of the Spanish and Portuguese-speaking America naively believed, or pretended, to be what they obviously were not and could not be. There was a time they thought of themselves as noblemen of Castile, as there was later to imagine themselves as Europeans in exile in unequal struggle against native barbarism. There were those who tried with all their soul to appear French, English, German and North American. Later there were those who believed themselves indigenous and set out to claim the fullness of an aboriginal civilization irrevocably interrupted by the Conquest, and there were also, in certain regions, those who felt possessed by a black soul and tried to resurrect an African past.

Culturally they were not European, much less could they be 'Indians' or Africans ...

*    *    *

…Hispanic America is perhaps the only great area open in the world today to the process of creative cultural "mestizaje". Instead of looking at this extraordinary characteristic as a mark of backwardness or inferiority, it must be considered as the most fortunate and favorable circumstance for the New World vocation that has been associated from the beginning to the American destiny to be affirmed and extended.

It is on the basis of this fruitful and powerful "mestizaje" that the personality of Hispanic America, its originality and its creative task can be affirmed. With everything that comes to it from the past and present, Hispanic America can define a new time, a new direction and a new language for the expression of mankind, without forcing or adulterating the most constant and valuable of his collective being, which is his aptitude for living and creative "mestizaje".

It is now open and ready to receive and transform in a great attempt at unity and synthesis the living present of its multiple heritages and to carry out, on the eve of the 21st century, a feat of renewal and cultural rebirth similar to the one Rome did in its time, or did the West.


Its vocation and its opportunity is to carry out the new stage of cultural "mestizaje" that is going to be that of its time in the history of culture. All that deviates from that will be to divert Latin America from its natural path and deny it its manifest destiny, which is none other than to fully fulfill the promise of the Garcilasos, the Bolívars, the Daríos, the builders of cathedrals, for the work of a New World.


The American Society of Human Genetics affirms: Genetics exposes the concept of “racial purity” as scientifically meaningless.


The American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG), founded in 1948, is the primary professional membership organization for specialists in human genetics worldwide. Based on the value of genetic diversity and genetic knowledge related to ancestry and genomic diversity, the ASHG affirms the following:

- Genetics demonstrates that humans cannot be divided into biologically distinct subcategories. Although there are clear observable correlations between variation in the human genome and how individuals identify by race, the study of human genetics challenges the traditional concept of different races of humans as biologically separate and distinct. This is validated by many decades of research.

- Most human genetic variation is distributed as a gradient, so distinct boundaries between population groups cannot be accurately assigned. There is considerable genetic overlap among members of different populations. Such patterns of genome variation are explained by patterns of migration and mixing of different populations throughout human history. In this way, genetics exposes the concept of “racial purity” as scientifically meaningless.

- It follows that there can be no genetics-based support for claiming one group as superior to another. Although a person’s genetics influences their phenotypic characteristics, and self-identified race might be influenced by physical appearance, race itself is a social construct. Any attempt to use genetics to rank populations demonstrates a fundamental misunderstanding of genetics.

- The past decade has seen the emergence of strategies for assessing an individual’s genetic ancestry. Such analyses are providing increasingly accurate ways of helping to define individuals’ ancestral origins and enabling new ways to explore and discuss ancestries that move us beyond blunt definitions of self-identified race.

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