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“A feast for the senses... breathtakingly speedy” SUDWEST PRESSE, Germany
“Fresh, energetic... a fabulous show” SUNDAY TIMES, UK
“Probably the most exciting history lesson you'll ever experience” THE SCOTSMAN, Scotland
“The show masquerades as a history lesson... but don’t be fooled. It’s one big party” THE GUARDIAN, UK
“Sparkling with dynamism and joie de vivre” AUGSBURGER ALGEMEINE, Germany

“Vivid choreography... grace and exuberance” THE INDEPENDENT, UK
“It´s the rhythm of life... A truly memorable experience” THE SCOTSMAN, Scotland
“Impossible to keep still and stop smiling” THREE WEEKS, UK
“A sumptuous music and dance spectacular”
Riverdancers of the Amazon SUNDAY HERALD, Scotland
“Fascinating with its colors and sensuality” BADISCHE ZEITUNG, Germany
“Fresh, energetic and sizzling with sex appeal” SUNDAY TIMES, UK
“Blessed with values you rarely see on the Fringe” THE HERALD, Scotland
“The tropical energy of the dancers paired with the incredible joy of playing of the band” SUDKURIER, Germany
“Beautiful choreographies... enchanted the audience” EL SOL DE TOLUCA, Mexico
“If only all History lessons were this interesting” THE LIST MAGAZINE, Scotland
“Breathtaking tempo, vibrating rhythm, top-class thoroughbred musicians” AUGSBURGER ALGEMEINE, Germany
“Much sexier than Riverdance” THE HERALD, Scotland
“This show never takes itself too seriously, balancing talent and passion to unmissable effect” SCOTLAND ON SUNDAY, Scotland
“Delighting with a highly aesthetic vision of History” IMPULSO, Mexico
“A unique company. A memorable show. A cosmic force” EL NUEVO HERALD, Miami
“Thrilling dancers with exuberant temperament” DEWEZET DEISTER, Germany
“Sensual, explosive, swirling” DER NEUE TAG, Germany
“This magnificent dance show can't fail to entertain” THE SCOTSMAN, Scotland
“Great music, fascinating dance and passionate singing” DER NEUE TAG, Germany